It's Time to Be #50inTech

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Dear all,

It’s “Time to be #50inTech!

I’m really happy to share some exciting news with you about the launch of my new project : 50inTech!

Supporting female founders, women in Tech and progress towards gender equality is really dear to my heart. It is something I am passionate about, and after running one of the largest incubators dedicated to female founders in Europe (Willa by Paris Pionnieres), with all the learnings linked to this experience, I feel now is the time to scale up.

So, let me tell you how 50inTech was born:

I took the last months to take a step back, talk with friends and contacts in the ecosystem, put my ideas on paper and federate a team. In this journey I met Jean-Marc Benaily. Benaily is the CEO of Beezen, an IT consulting firm implanted in France, Morocco and Tunisia. Passionate about diversity issues in Tech, he is a rare example of a leader who has succeeded to recruit 45% of Women in tech in his company. And this is only the beginning.

So what is 50inTech?

It’s a global initiative that aims to reach gender equality in the Tech industry.

Today, there are only 10% of female founders worldwide, yet startups co-founded by women outperform male-only founded startups by 63%. Women are the invisible force of innovation.

In light of this, as a first step, 50inTech is launching a global campaign called “Time to be #50inTech”. The aim is to identify female founders and those supporting them - men and women. We want to know them better and know their needs better to ultimately support them with a tailormade platform.

To do this, we have created a simple 5 minutes survey for you to fill in and share with your network : check-out the survey

As a second step, 2 months from now,  #50inTech will begin the co-creation of a powerful inclusive platform aimed at supporting and empowering female founders where they need it the most.

If you have ideas or want to chat about the project please contact us, we’d love to hear about what you think and how you would like to support this community!

We are really (really!) grateful to have you as a part of this movement!

So, join us, fill in and share this survey at scale! The more the merrier!

Check out our 50inTech Ambassadors and the survey here :

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