50inTech x Balderton Capital : 1st Meetup in London

In honour of International Women’s Day, 50inTech will be hosting its first ever London meetup, in partnership with Balderton Capital, exploring the conflicting demands of family and startups.

Young families and young startups: can it be done?

A growing company requires love, total dedication, constant attention, and on occasion - sleep deprivation. But what happens when the same is also expected of you as a parent?

  • Do you have to choose between starting a family and starting a business?

  • Can you take parental leave if your company is in its infancy?

  • How do you have these conversations with your venture partners, your board, and your team?

  • Do these concerns put women off entrepreneurship?

We are inviting two female and two male entrepreneurs to get real, answer honest questions about their experiences, and offer advice on how to adapt to ever-changing needs of growing companies and family.


Marie Outtier, Founder and CEO of Aiden.ai - an AI-Powered analyst that automates time-consuming optimisations and produces improvement recommendations for busy marketers.

Chris Morton, Founder and CEO of Lyst - an innovative social curation platform for online fashion that’s currently being used by more than 70 million consumers.

Matt Wiggins, Founder and CEO of Mojiworks - a leading developer of messaging games designed to be wonderfully social and played with friends and family in apps like Messenger or WeChat.

Helene Guillaume, Founder and CEO of WILD.AI - an AI-driven app, unleashing the beast in female athletes: empowering female marathoners and triathletes to understand their body and optimise their training, cycle after cycle.

Moderated by Mike Butcher MBE, Editor-at-large, TechCrunch

We look forward to welcoming you for an evening at Balderton's offices in Kings Cross, London.