Summer Energy Program ☀️🧘‍♀️

As a gift back to the community, OLY Be & 50inTech are happy to offer you a smooth transition back from summer. OLY Be is the largest yoga studio in France and what’s even better is their Founder & CEO, Gaelle Frizon de Lamotte, is a 50inTech member!

Relax your mind, energise your body

This 30 minutes YOGA Soft Energy Class is a mix of hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga. It consists of a series of yoga postures, with music and always in a good mood. You will sculpt your body while freeing your mind and will come out of the class boosted, with a lasting feeling of energy and well-being!

When: August 25 on Zoom 📹

How: For community members only, register for FREE to 50inTech

For community members only

How to register?

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