Ask anything you want about “How to improve Diversity in your VC or Tech Company” to Seb Butt.
This week only!


We are excited to open this Ask Me Anything session on with the inspiring Seb Butt, Responsible for Partnerships at Diversity VC and Founder & Programme Director at Future VC. More than that, beside being the General Manager for Europe of the successful AI startup Craft, Seb is an investor and a non-executive director at boutique executive search firm Engage Infotech.

Seb will be available to answer all your questions, share insights & experiences about:
👊 the importance of including people with diverse life experiences within investment teams;
👊 how to improve diversity in the VC industry and more widely in technology companies;
👊 how to address hiring from diverse candidate pools and how to prepare your company;
👊 what applicants can do to reinforce or strengthen their applications for jobs in Venture Capital or technology companies;


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3/ Ask your questions in the comments below Seb’s post!
4/ Stay tuned & connect on the platform to read her answers