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“Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance you have to keep moving.”  said Einstein.

In those times more than ever, you have to set yourself up for continued movement, because it’s much harder to stop and build back your momentum than to continue even at a slower pace.

We are going through this period of uncertainty together: uncertainty for our families, for our businesses, for everything we have built so far. At 50inTech, we want to be here for you, the entrepreneurs of the 50inTech community, to help you build resilience.

This is why we have organized a video conference with the resilient and inspiring Marie Outtier, founder of, today part of Twitter. 








The fireside chat between Marie Outtier and Caroline Ramade will take place on

  • Thursday 26th of March on Zoom 📹
  • Sign up on 50inTech and register 👉 here