Yvonne Bajela is the Founding Member and Principal at Impact X Capital, a UK based venture capital fund founded to support underrepresented entrepreneurs. Over the last five years, Yvonne has invested over £200 million in various startups and advised over 100 companies across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. A board member and passionate leader, Yvonne is a champion for female entrepreneurship.

This live and interactive event is for you if you are a founder looking to raise funds at a Seed or pre-Seed stage, you will get answers on questions like these, or your own!

  1. How to craft a narrative
  2. What investors are looking for
  3. Examples of pitches that stood out
  4. Key mistakes to avoid

When: July 10 on Zoom 📹

How: For community members only, register for FREE to 50inTech

For community members only

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