How can entrepreneurs successfully manage remote teams?

We are very excited to launch our 4th online webinar next week. The special guest is a real expert of remote teams: Pamela Corbon-Audoux, Employer Branding Director at Doctolib and ex-director at GitHub

After spending 20 years navigating the tech in the recruitment and luxury industries as a marketer, Pamela is now embracing a second calling in people-focused topics (from recruitment marketing to diversity and inclusion). She joined Doctolib, the HealthTech unicorn, earlier this month to lead their employer branding & employee engagement efforts, telling the brand story, attracting talent, helping the culture grow from within and through external additions. The company has quickly adopted a remote work model while strengthening its telehealth operations to support healthcare professionals and their patients. Prior to that, she spent for 3 years at GitHub, a distributed company based in SF where two-thirds of the staff worked out of the office, mainly from home. There, she managed a team remotely from the comfort of her home.

During the online chat, Pamela will advise all female founders and women entrepreneurs during this period of social distancing and dispersed work, to better manage remote teams, ensure productivity and remain close to colleagues, from a professional but also a personal point of view. 

Pamela will cover topics such as working on your emotional intelligence as a manager, building trust and communications with your team, adapting your 1:1 meetings with your team.

When: Thursday 16th of April on Zoom 📹

How: upon FREE registration

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