Hello everyone, I am Paola Ducolin, Staff Engineer at Dashlane, the mobile and desktop app that gives you a shortcut for everything you do online, to simplify the only thing that the internet wasn’t able to simplify: itself.

I am a woman, I am a developer, and I’ve been working in tech for 11 years. I started working in Italy, and after 6 years I decided to move to follow my passion and ambition: being a technical leader. The company where I was working didn’t have what we now call individual contributor track, and I loved coding too much to become a people manager. I moved to Paris, and 2 years ago I had the chance to face the challenge I had been waiting for: I got offered a tech lead role at Dashlane.

As soon as I obtained the title that I was aiming at, I started freaking out. It was my first time in this role, and I didn’t know where to start with. My imposter syndrome was quite loud. And that led me to a series of mistakes and misconceptions over my role, that hopefully made me a better tech lead today. I have now a few tips I would tell myself if I could turn back time.

This is what my workshop will be about: the do’s and don’ts for a woman tech lead when starting her career and growing in her role, straight from my personal experience. During this workshop I will talk about:

  • The common mistakes when joining a new tech team as a lead
  • The main task to focus on in your role
  • The importance of communities

Join my online interactive workshop for the 50inTech community next Thursday, June 4th, live on Zoom!

When: Thursday 4th of June on Zoom 📹

How: upon FREE registration


Paola was born and raised in Italy, in the Venice area. She first moved to Milan, where she got her first job as a software developer. After 6 years she moved to Paris, in 2014, looking for new challenges. Two years ago she joined Dashlane in the role she had always wished for: technical leader. She is today Staff Engineer at the Web platform in Paris. In her spare time she enjoys running, making dinner for her friends, and traveling.

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