Hi I’m Marion Juredieu, General Manager of Lucile Woodward SAS. Since 2017, together with Lucile, my partner in crime, we have been designing, producing and broadcasting innovative programmes combining sport, food and mental health.

At the beginning of the lockdown, we received hundreds of messages every day asking us how to stay fit at home. A real challenge that we decided to take up to help people deal with the situation more serenely, through a dedicated program and live fitness classes.

Women have been particularly affected by the recent changes, multiplying responsibilities over their well-being. Staying at home doesn’t mean giving up physical activity, it’s, on the contrary, the opportunity to set up a new routine, adapted to their needs (letting off steam, relaxing, having fun…). There is a real need to regain habits and time for ourselves to feel good.

With Lucile, we’re very happy to host this interactive session on 50inTech to discuss about:

  • Why and how take time to take care of yourselves?
  • What are the obstacles and why is it important to overcome them?
  • How, as entrepreneurs, we managed the lockdown period business-wise and on a personal level.

Join our online interactive workshop for the 50inTech community next Tuesday, June 9th, live on Zoom!

When: Tuesday 9th of June on Zoom 📹

How: upon FREE registration


Lucile Woodward, previously health journalist, has been a certified sports coach for more than 12 years and is also a micro-nutrition specialist. She is today a major influencer and entrepreneur in the field of well-being and fitness mainly in France with over 360k followers on Youtube and more than 225K on Instagram. Mother of 2 children, she is the CEO of Lucile Woodward SAS.


After several years spent in Berlin in various start-ups, where she learned e-commerce, digital marketing and influence marketing, Marion embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure with Lucile in 2017 to create the first sustainable fitness brand: the Body By Lucile method.

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