Life slowly returns to normal and we go along with it. But what about the lessons we have learned during all those months at home? It was not easy, and the numbers speak clearly: during this period, the #1 one factor behind the burnout for women was homeschooling at home while working according to the most recent LinkedIn survey. The second factor was the lack of work/home boundaries. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

At 50inTech, we value the power of our community to come together around a problem and find a solution. And since we think the quickest way of getting this done is to discuss and share best practices, we keep on creating more events with great members of our community.

This is why we’ve decided to dedicate an entire week to self-care & well-being with special resources and events for you, to connect you with the real experts in the field and answer THE QUESTION: how can we, as ambitious women in tech, keep protecting our work-life balance and our well-being?

Discover the events we have specially planned for you!

When: Tuesday 9th & Friday 12th of June on Zoom 📹

How: upon FREE registration

TIME TO MANAGE YOUR WELLBEING – Interactive Chat with Top-Influencer in Wellbeing & Fitness Lucile Woodward and Marion Juredieu

June 9th — 12:00 AM CET

We will talk about:

  • Why and how take time to take care of yourselves
  • The main obstacles and how to overcome them
  • How they managed the lockdown business-wise and on a personal level

NAVIGATING THE NEW NORMAL AS A PARENT & TECH FOUNDER – Online fireside chat with Hannah Feldman, co-founder of Kidadl

June 12th — 12:00 PM CET

We will talk about:

  • The dos and donts as a working parent
  • The main challenges and solutions of raising kids at home while working
  • How communities can help in times of distress

How to register to this event:

  • Step 1: Register or Log In (it’s a FREE women in tech community)
  • Step 2: Go to Get Inspired to find the event page and book your seat
  • Step 3: Enjoy the community, find a match, more inspiration and start a discussion!