The personal reframing workshop provides a very simple but pragmatic way to find a new angles on a recurring challenge that you are facing in your professional/personal life. This recurring challenge is probably rooted in a belief that you – at some point decided to make a rule based on your observations, or traditions existing in your (family) history.

We will work together to pick one of these limiting beliefs, use a simple technique to find new perspectives to them (reframe) and discuss together your next steps on how to overcome them.

Join us on the 28th of August to listen to Zsuzsanna Ferenczi: 26 years of corporate experience and 3 years of active mentoring of female leaders she has learnt how important it is for your growth to be recognised for your talents and be seen for truly who you are.

Join us on 28/08 for the 1st Personal Reframing Workshop!

When: August 28 on Zoom 📹

How: For community members only, register for FREE to 50inTech

For community members only

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