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How can women in tech boost their profile and build authority through self-education?

Research shows that men tend to promote men and women tend to promote women. You can easily see why this is a problem in tech: with more men than women, more men get promoted, and the cycle repeats itself. 

“I can confidently say my fast trajectory at Google is partly due to joining a few high-impact women-led teams. But when I moved to San Francisco, the gender gap was even more evident. How can you close the gap by building authority when your job title doesn’t reflect your skills?”

These are the words of the inspiring Anne-Laure Le Cunff, founder of Ness Labs, an online platform offering content, community and coaching to encourage mindful productivity.

As she says, self-education can really become your superpower. 

During the online chat with her, we will discuss learning strategies and resources women can use to boost their profile. These will be particularly helpful during and after the current crisis. You only need a laptop, time and dedication.

The fireside chat between Anne-Laure Le Cunff and Caroline Ramade will take place on

  • Thursday 2nd of April on Zoom 📹
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