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Dive deep into the core of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The GenderScore offers insights like no other, helping you see exactly where you stand in the tech industry landscape.

Determine where you stand on crucial criteria such as:

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Work-life balance,
Equal Pay,
Fair Career Path,
and impactful DE&I actions.

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Begin with the Gender Snapshot

Curious about where you stand? Dip your toes into the DEI waters with our free Gender Snapshot. Understand your basics and then deep-dive with our GenderScore.

Why GenderScore:

The GenderScore is a research questionnaire which measures the level of a company’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

1. Comprehensive Assessment
: Gauge your commitment to gender inclusion on key DE&I criteria tailor-made for European Tech companies.

2. Actionable Insights: Beyond a score, receive transformative feedback to amplify gender equity.

3. Exclusive Community Access: Join a network dedicated to championing gender diversity in tech.

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Deciphering Your Score
Understand and Elevate Your Score

Once you’ve taken the test, it's essential to understand the implications of your score. Here’s what each bracket signifies:

Pioneer - Score between 80-100

You’re leading the charge, setting commendable standards in inclusion, gender equity, and safety for women in Tech.

Pioneers are companies that have earned a score over 80 points.
This means that they are leading the pack when it comes to championing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts for all employees, regardless of their background. Moreover, these companies are always looking for new and innovative ways to better support their team.

Pacemaker - Score between 60-79

Your strides towards gender inclusion are noteworthy. You’re setting a positive pace and inspiring change.

Pacemakers are companies that have achieved a score between 60 and 79.

This means that they have put in place an effective diversity, equity and inclusion strategy which has helped them to foster a work culture that supports women working at all levels of the company.

Achiever - Score between 40-59

Kudos! You're making headway, progressively realising your gender inclusion objectives. With us by your side, the sky's the limit.

Achievers are companies that have achieved a score between 40 and 59.

This means that they have already started reaping the benefits of their diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, and are steadily working towards improving the everyday experiences of women in the workplace.

Discoverer - Score between 25-39

Every journey begins with a step, and you’ve set forth in the right direction. Together, we’ll uncover more ways to elevate your workplace.

Discoverers are companies that have achieved a score between 25 and 39.

This means that they have already started to put in place diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives that will help them better support women in the workplace.

Observer - Score between 0-24

The journey has just begun. Embrace the learning, align with our vision, and let’s sculpt a more inclusive, equitable, and safe workspace.

Observers are companies that have achieved a score between 0 and 24.

Essentially, this means that they are at the beginning of their diversity, equity and inclusion journey, and are keen to better support women in the workplace.

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