Only 24% of C Suite executives are women. Only 6% of fortune 500 CEOs are women. How can women in business break through the glass ceiling and change the ratio?

In this article, Samantha Karlin, founder at Empower Global, gives us the 12 tips women should put into practice:

1/ Stop volunteering for thankless tasks.
2/ Learn how to say no.
3/ Guide your mentors.
4/ Sing your praises, and let others sing them as well.
5/ Aspire not just for CEO, but for a position on a board.
6/ Use your support system.
7/ Tell your boss you need to hire when you are overwhelmed.
8/ Embrace your femininity, don’t reject it.
9/ Stop taking on the work of your colleagues.
10/ Get over your impostor syndrome.
11/ Get Yourself Speaking Engagements.
12/ Stay true to your vision, and your values.

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