The business case for diversity in the workplace is now overwhelming. As we live in more and more diverse societies, the business environment reflects this socio-economical dynamic and it is now proven: diversity in the workplace is an asset for both businesses and their employees, in its capacity to foster innovation, creativity and empathy.

This is not only about social success, it’s also about financial results, as proven by several studies:

  • A Boston Consulting Group study found that companies with more diverse management teams have 19% higher revenues due to innovation.
  • The 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey shows that 74% of Millennials believe their organization is more innovative when it has a culture of inclusion
  • A survey conducted by Pew Research Centre lists several areas where women are stronger in key areas of both politics and business.

And this is not all! Read the full article to discover all the arguments that support diversity in the workplace.