We organized collaborative meetups to co-design the platform with future users.

The first meetup hosted by Roland Berger took place in Paris on January 21st 2019. We have organized workshops with female founders, corporates, incubators and accelerators, startups experts, investors… 7 practical ideas on how to do more business and raise funds emergedfrom the design thinking groups.

Design thinking workshops at Roland Berger Paris — Jan 21st 2019.

On the topic of fundraising support, the groups suggested:

  • a matching platform to connect investors with female founders, taking into account the field or industry, the amount raised and past records of these investors.
  • To help decode fundraising with an intelligent learning experience adapted to the stage of advancement.
  • A series of training sessions to learn more about investors’ gender biases and how to respond to them.

On the subject of increasing business with the help of the community, the groups came up with:

  • Online mentoring to get ready for client interviews, with a matching algorithm between entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • Co-development groups and AMA sessions
  • A gamification system to share contacts and earn points.

All of these ideas inspired us and gave us a direction to start creating the 50inTech platform.