Daily and recurring sexist jokes are reported by women as the top 1 reason for leaving the Tech industry

Berkeley-Haas Center EGAL, 2018

👊Addressing this problem is not only a matter of well-being at work, but also a necessity to retain female tech talents and attract future ones.

46% of women in tech have already experienced discriminations
( Atomico State of European Tech, 2018)

👊 Because it is part of our mission, we’ve decided to partner with Dr. Vanessa Marcie, MBA, MA, FIKE to create the first inclusive and interactive bootcamp based on the power of humour to improve female talent retention and promotion in your company.

It’s scientifically proven that humour has a gender. Our goal is to build leaders without gender and create a mindset shift in organizations.

💥If you are a decision-maker, HR Director, CTO, CIO, CMO, Head of SRE wanting to improve diversity in an innovative way,

💥If you are a womenintech tired of sexist jokes 🙅 and toxic work environments

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Download the presentation of our Bootcamp here https://lnkd.in/dar7rH7

Outputs of the bootcamp:
  • Create awareness on the impact of jokes
  • Make people acknowledge what is aggressive or not
  • Learn what type of humour to use with whom
  • Hand participants gain confidence and inspiration
  • Let participants find their own voice and build their comebacks
  • Build the psychological safety necessary for innovation and creativity