Unveiling FemTech's Top 10 Rising Stars

In partnership with AXA, we are pleased to unveil the top 10 women-led startups selected to join the first global FemTech Accelerator Program.

Congratulations to the FemTech Accelerator Program finalists!

After careful evaluation of over 170 applications, 50inTech and AXA selected 10 finalists to join the global FemTech Accelerator program jointly launched during the 2019 Women’s Forum. These 10 finalists were selected upon four main criteria: innovation, female-founded, market size, global ambition to change the future of women’s health.

Babymigo is Nigeria’s first women-focused platform that provides real-time answers to questions relating to pregnancy, parenting, childbirth and reproductive health via SMS, mobile app and web. Co-founders: Adeloye Olanrewaju (CEO), Kemi Olawoye (COO)

Bloomer Tech is ushering a new age of personalized diagnostics with a medical device that uses advanced fabrics technology to invisibly collect medical-grade cardiovascular data in a women’s brassiere. Co-founder: Alicia Chong Rodriguez, CEO

Elektra Health is a next-generation healthcare platform on a mission to smash the menopause taboo. They connect women to top doctors and hormonal health experts for world-class menopause care, evidence-based content & community. Co-founders: Alessandra Henderson, CEO, Jannine Versi (COO)

Eli Health enables women to take control of their health throughout all stages of their lives, by providing them with powerful information on their daily hormone profile. Co-founders: Marina Pavlovic Rivas (CEO)

Femcy is an intelligent, symptom-based menstrual and reproductive wellness mobile app that empowers women to perform at their peak throughout their menstrual cycle. Co-founders: Jacqueline Kressner (CEO), Nandhini Gopal (CMO), Rahul Kanoi (CTO)

FIZIMED is a global connected platform based on wireless medical devices which provides personalized programs adapted for all women to get the control on their body and recover at any time of their life. Co-founder: Emeline Hahn, CEO

Hela Health is a comprehensive platform powered by expert providers to get modern women the education, tools, and support they need to make informed decisions for their health and wellness. Co-founders: Cathy Sebag, (CEO), Gal Brenner, (CTO)

Olivia is your digital menopause guide: you can understand the patterns in your menopausal symptoms, and get personalised advice on lifestyle changes to better manage those symptoms. Co-founders: Amy Aanen (CEO), Mina Lindman (Co-founder)

Syrona Women is a digital women’s healthcare clinic that provides screening, telemedicine and treatment services for women on their female health journey. Co-founders: Anya Roy and Chantelle Bell

WILD.AI is the infrastructure for female health, translated into an app that primarily helps women train, fuel and recover based on their menstrual cycle. Co-founder: Helene Guillaume, (CEO)

“I am excited to launch the first global online FemTech accelerator in partnership with AXA as it reflects our mission at 50inTech to help accelerate female talent fulfill their ambitions, which requires educating investors to take conscious steps to avoid bias. This acceleration program aims to provide 10 promising female founders with the support they really need to accelerate their business” – Caroline Ramade (CEO, 50inTech)

“We received more than 170 applications from startups. We are extremely enthusiastic about the quality of the talent that has made it into our program and look forward to helping them grow through the FemTech accelerator and contribute to changing the future of women’s health.” – Ulrike Decoene (AXA Group Head of Communication, Brand & Corporate Responsibility)

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