Why 50inTech NOW And How To Use It

Why 50inTech NOW And How To Use It

Caroline Ramade Founder and CEO of 50inTech May 15, 2019 6 min

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In this opening episode, Caroline Ramade, founder and CEO of 50inTech will explain:

1/ Why it was so urgent to launch 50intech.com
2/ How to give and take actionable advice on the 50inTech platform
3/ The reason why those first podcasts-to-go for women in tech have been created
I have always been committed into gender equality. 
Before launching 50inTech, I ran a gender lens incubator based in Paris – WILLA, which supported 500 women led-startup.
And I saw all the barriers and obstacles that women in tech are facing. Rather to talk about diversity, I choose to act for diversity and create an actionable tool to unlock the Tech Industry, involving all the ecosystem players, women and men.
At 50inTech, our ambition, is to operate the change needed to reach 50% of women in tech by 2050. 
So why It was so urgent to launch 50inTech?
It all started with data: where are you Women in Tech?
Only 10% of female co-founders, 3% of CEOs, 9% of female investors, less than 25% of women in the digital force.
Another shocking data: Female founders get a dismal of 2.7% of all venture capital.
Guess what ?  Startups co-founded by women are performing 63% better than all-male founded teams, and with 50% of women in tech, Europe GDP would increase by 9 billion euros

What is 50inTech?

50inTech is The Fast-Track App for women in tech
The 50inTech platform is inclusive, easy-to-activate and business-oriented  providing useful advice, practical tools  and a powerful social network 
Our ambition is to create the biggest pipeline of Women in Tech, worldwide.
And for that, we designed 4 main features :
SHARE: Learn from your peers or tech industry leaders and share your experiences and best practices, guidance on entrepreneurship, funding, careers and leadership.
– Join Discussions in and out of groups, Ask Me Anything sessions, Surveys
MATCH: Take advantage of the power of the 50inTech network to overcome your day-to-day challenges by receiving bespoke support from investors, incubators, mentors, companies and the international community of Women in Tech
– Ask/offer, office hour, 1:1 call, mentorship –
UNLOCK: Inclusion is all about action. Master the codes of the tech ecosystem thanks to our useful tools
– best curated contents, tech& start-up dictionary and our exclusive 50inTech podcast-to-go –
ACHIEVE: Tracking of your personal objectives, posts follow-up, financial metrics
50inTech is collaborative : “give first, take after”
We believe women need to learn how to share their advice and skills as an innovative way to fight the impostor syndrome.
That is why we encourage support, mentoring, sharing and feedback within our community, Everyone can become in turn: a mentor or mentee on our platform.
Last but not least, The 50inTech Podcast is one hundred % actionable.
It’s very simple : no interview, and no digression ;-), 
Just 10 minutes of practical advice and sharing of experiences.
That’s why the whole 50inTech community is invited to contribute in the 50inTech podcast and give their advice to boost Women in Tech to next level or share with us their process to increase diversity and inclusion.
So if you also get tired of the tech boy’s club, with white men, barely 30 years old, 
Join the evolution  

Join www.50intech.com

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