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Welcome to 50inTech, where we're committed to two powerful objectives: empowering women in the tech industry and providing cutting-edge DEI solutions to enterprises.

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GenderScore: Your Strategic DEI Partner

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Empowering Enterprises with Data-Driven DEI Solutions

GenderScore is your comprehensive DEI solution, designed to track, monitor, and enhance your diversity initiatives. Our data-driven approach provides clear insights and actionable recommendations, helping you make informed decisions to foster an inclusive and equitable workplace.

Why Choose GenderScore?

With GenderScore, benefit from our in-depth analytics to understand the impact of your DEI actions. Our tool offers bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that your DEI efforts align with your organizational goals and drive real change.

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Empowering Women in Technology

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Explore opportunities in tech companies that prioritize inclusivity and diversity. Our platform connects you with forward-thinking employers offering roles that value your skills and contributions.

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Enhance your career through our specialized masterclasses focused on career development, salary negotiation, and more. Gain the skills and confidence to navigate the tech industry and achieve your professional goals.

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