GenderScore: Your DE&I Data Solution

Innovative Features of GenderScore

GenderScore is your comprehensive solution for DE&I data analytics. It's designed to help you understand, monitor, and measure the impact of your DE&I initiatives, providing a clear path to improvement.

Benefits of Integrating GenderScore

With GenderScore, gain actionable insights into your organization's diversity and inclusivity. Our tool simplifies DEI efforts, offering a detailed analysis of biases, policies, and employee sentiments, thereby enabling effective strategy planning for a more inclusive work environment.

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Methodology GenderScore

Our methodology :

How we ensure accuracy and value

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The “Gender Score” questionnaire is an interactive calculator based on a scoring system where for each calculated question, answer options are assigned a percentage value, called a weight.

The weight values assigned to each question indicate how much each case counts in the calculation, which varies depending on it’s benchmark and their relative importance. Some questions are only reserved for data collection.

Work Life BalanceGender DataEqual PayHR & DEI InitiativesCareer Path

Questions were allocated based on a selection of best practices that support gender inclusion in the workplace; and global industry indicators e.g. Number of women in tech roles, which is ∼22% in Europe (the range varies by location) - Study McKinsey 2022.

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*DE&I: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Deciphering your score

Understand and elevate your score

Once you’ve taken the test, it's essential to understand the implications of your score. Here’s what each bracket signifies:

GenderScore Pioneer


Score between 80-100

You're leading the charge, setting commendable standards in inclusion, gender equity, and safety for women in tech.

Genderscore Pacemaker


Score between 60-79

Your strides towards gender inclusion are noteworthy. You're setting a positive pace and an inspiring change.

Genderscore Achiever


Score between 40-59

Kudos! You're making headway, progressively realising your gender inclusion objectives. With us by your side, the sky's the limit.

GenderHire: Enhancing Women's Representation in Tech

Why Choose GenderHire?

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GenderHire is an optional yet powerful feature of GenderScore, dedicated to increasing women's representation in tech roles. It provides access to a vast database of qualified women candidates and tools to address recruitment biases. GenderHire is your ally in creating a balanced and inclusive workforce.

Activate GenderHire and Transform Your Hiring

Upcoming Enhancements to GenderScore

Stay ahead with GenderScore’s future features, including - bespoke action plans regarding budget & resources criteria,
- HRIS and payroll data integration for objective analysis,
- insights on market trends,
- and bespoke DEI advice.
These enhancements, rolling out soon, will further empower your DEI monitoring and strategy development.

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Who we serve

Our solutions are tailored for scale-ups, public companies, and consulting firms, particularly those struggling with scattered data and lacking standardized DEI reporting. 50inTech addresses these challenges head-on, providing clear, actionable insights for every step of your DEI journey.

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We created the #GenderScore because measuring your actions is the first step towards gender equity. We, at 50inTech want to create a great transparency movement in Tech that will benefit both companies and women. Show your commitment and let's impact the Tech ecosystem together.


Caroline Ramade CEO 50 inTech

Caroline Ramade

CEO at 50inTech