Community Guidelines


How to use 50intech ?

This is how to use our platform, and how we truly believe you will accelerate your career & your business. We encourage discussion and mentoring, we support each other, help each other find solutions, and problem solve together. Everyone can become in turn: a mentor or mentee on our platform.

We strive for crowdsourcing: every relevant initiative, advice, event or article must be shared with the community.This is how we’re convinced we will succeed to empower women at scale and reach our goal. This how the whole 50inTech team decided to work : each one of us will give 10% of its time to share with advice on it owns expertise and skills. This is how we decide to run 50inTech : 1% of our income will be given to associations fighting the gender gap.

This is a safe space. You can progress and learn a lot: ask for advice
and resources, share your doubts and even your fears. Nobody will judge you.
You necessarily have advice to share that can help others: could it be experience, tips or best practices. Any question is worth asking, even the dumbest, so don’t hesitate and save time and energy

Members of the 50inTech’s community spend their precious and valuable time to give each other guidance, advice, introductions, etc. If someone does this for you, acknowledge their comments, take time to write back, thank, and pay it forward when you can.