We Aim For A 50% Representation Of Women In Tech By 2050

Technology is shaping the world of tomorrow. We can't exclude women and repeat the mistakes of the past. By helping women to make a career in Tech, we will create a fairer society.

Whereas one in two women leaves Tech permanently after 8 years, we actively work to achieve 50% representation of women in Tech by 2050.

Our innovative job board matches the most talented women in Tech with the most inclusive companies.

We've created the 50inTech Gender Score to help European Tech companies measure their level of gender-inclusion, so they can be transparent and progress faster.

We also provide free virtual bootcamps, networking and mentoring to our community of 15 000 women in Europe so they can find their next career move and thrive.

We believe diversity drives success in Tech companies, the more women are retained and attracted to the technology sector, the better the companies will perform.

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Meet the 50inTech Team

Made up of passionate & engaged people

Meet Caroline Ramade

Former Managing Director at Willa, ex-Head of Innovation at La Mairie de Paris, Caroline is the mastermind behind 50inTech. Fervent advocate for women in tech, she’s intent on achieving equality in Tech by 2050, by all means necessary. When she’s not busy running the world, she often daydreams about hugging trees.

Caroline Ramade
Caroline Ramade

Co-Founder - CEO

Meet Julien Londeix

Deezer alumni and former founder of an entertainment app, Julien then decided to join 50inTech as CTO and co-founder; to help further gender-balance, Diversity & Inclusion in Tech. Connoisseur of good movies, he listens to great music and can make excellent puns but though his heart is made of gold, beware of his grumpy-cat side.

Julien Londeix
Julien Londeix

Co-founder - CTO

Meet Juliette Delas

Sales enthusiast and community addict, Juliette loves to engage with people. She’s got many hats, from partnerships to customer success manager and she’s a constant ray of sunshine and energy! She’s passionate about gender-balance, equality and inclusion, she’s always down to try new stuff and she could sell everything for good food.

Juliette Delas
Juliette Delas

Head of SMEs & Community Builder


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They dare to change

“I decided it was time for a career change, now, I manage a team of 10 DevOps as an engineer manager at Scaleway!”

Synda Ben Jerad
Engineering Manager @ Scaleway

They commit for change

“We are proud to have succeeded in setting a real turning point for Scaleway with women breaking the glass ceiling.”

Yann Lechelle
CEO @ Scaleway