What is the 50inTech platform?

50inTech is a unique platform enabling women and game changers from the Tech industry to share and connect with each other to shape a more inclusive ecosystem.

Who is it for?

Anyone convinced that the future should be made with a balanced and diverse workforce and creators and anyone interested in innovation, boosting their careers & business with and/or as women In Tech.

Who are the "women in Tech"?

You’re a female founder or co-founder seeking for advice and tools to boost your business (about raising funds, getting a warm introduction or finding the right connexions…)?

You have a job in Tech, looking for a job in Tech, have a job in the Tech & Digital industry that is not thought of as “technical” (growth, product, design, UX/UI, research, digital marketing, business development) and need some keys to boost your career?

You study in Tech and would like to be inspired by role models?

You are definitely a woman in Tech and 50inTech was made for you!