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What to do when you’re on vacation?

You've been working hard and you're ready for a break. A summer vacation is the perfect way to recharge, read and just entertain yourself. That's why we've put together a list of our favourite books, series and masterclasses. So, take a few minutes and check out our suggestions; we promise that you won't regret it!

Summer vacation is the perfect time to read some great books we love at 50inTech:

In early July, we held a summit on soft skills. Many participants were looking for help on how to present themselves better - and they found it. Find our masterclass on soft skills here:

Want to develop better soft skills as a woman?

Author Viv Groskop can help you out with her popular book.

“How to Own the Room”.

Top review: Why we love it?

“You might think that this book isn't relevant to you unless you regularly give speeches in public, but you would be wrong. This book explores why speeches that women throughout history have given are so relevant to our lives, and how we can use the same techniques. You might not ever think you need to "own a room" but what about when having a one to one with a tricky boss, when pitching an email to a new client, or when you are about to deliver a presentation to a board meeting... there are so many scenarios that you can put into practice what Viv talks about in this book.”

This one is a Must-Read to better understand difference between men & women

Have you ever wondered why there are all these differences between men and women in our society?

Then we have just the right book for you.

“Invisible women: Exposing data bias in a world designed for men”

Top review:

“Caroline Criado Perez puts concrete numbers on things that before I had only hunches, suspicions and imaginings about. Not did I find out I am I not crazy, but this book opened a whole world for me on how to communicate about gender and society. As she says, women are not a niche, we are 50% of the population, and need to stop treating ourselves as if we were an afterthought in creation. Thank you Caroline, you've hit the nail on the head an in a factual and humouristic way given us avenues to restructure the world as it should be.”


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Sometimes, it can be good to take a step back and review your approach to the digital world. Especially, when working in tech.

This is what the book by author Emma Gannon is about.

Disconnected: How to Stay Human in an Online World”

Top review:

“I cannot recommend this book enough. I love Emma's work and expected it to be smart and thought-provoking and it was ALL of that, but what I didn't expect was how instantly life-changing it would be. It gave me such a refreshing new perspective on how I let social media take over my life and the power I have to change that. Obvious, I know, but for some reason, until I read Disconnected I hadn't perhaps quite seen how much I was hooked on social media and how much I could take back control and use it how I want to use it.

And the book is also so much more than a commentary on social media and how we use it. I finished it feeling full of hope and excited that we are stepping into a new chapter in our society where we are going to start operating online in a more intentional way, recognizing where we've got a little co-dependent and readjusting how we do things. I cannot recommend it more!”

We think it's always good to make time for our masterclasses for women in tech. That's why we have put together a small list here

Good weather ahead? How about a good book in the sun?

There's nothing quite like reading a good book in the sun. The warm weather and bright sunlight are the perfect setting for this enjoyable read you wanted to have for months. And, as an added bonus, you'll also get a healthy dose of vitamin D.

If you are more excited by videos rather than books, always a good time to learn new things:

The worst case scenario is that you have extremely bad weather on your summer vacation. Find out what you can do then.

Just because it's raining doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up in your hotel room or BnB all day. Just use the bad weather to connect with other women in tech. The summer stroll you might have wanted to take outside can simply take place on LinkedIn, right? Search for keywords (like women in tech or tech news for example). You can also search for hashtags and companies and then simply add members to your network. LinkedIn has become a really strong social network for employers and employees alike. So, you can really learn and discover a lot. There are even free learning courses. That’s just perfect for summer days with bad weather, isn’t it?

Not in the mood for LinkedIn? Then maybe think about something else besides work and take a stroll through a nearby park in weather gear or explore the city in the rain. You’ll see that every city has its own unique personality when it rains. Or you could visit a local museum. If none of that works for you, you can always watch series and films on streaming platforms. For example, this list of films and series about women in STEM. They’re not solely about women in tech, but still very entertaining to watch.

Do you have more suggestions that other women in tech might like? Feel free to send them to us, we are always interested in new input to help each other out. We wish you a wonderful summer with lots of relaxation as well as many new opportunities and learnings.


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