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Did you know that 15/40 of the Next 40/120 French Tech companies are dedicated to being inclusive to #womenintech?

Partnering with us at 50inTech means that these 15 companies have strong commitments to the following: equal pay, fair career path, flexible working and anti-discrimination policies.

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🌟 Back Market

50inTech Gender Score: 79

Back Market is the kind of company with a radiating positive social impact, and they work very hard to achieve this. It's the kind of company with strong ethical values no matter what. More than being just another employee, collaborators at Back Market are full players of a truly inspiring adventure. With fair pay, an extensive Parental Act and a flexible return to work policy, who doesn't want to be part of this journey?

Learn more and/or join the Back Market team by clicking here!

🌟 Blablacar

50inTech Gender Score: 76

BlaBlaCar's wants to become the go-to app for shared travel. They're leveraging technology to fill every empty seat on the road, therefore avoiding 1.6 million tons of CO2 a year! At its core, BlaBlaCar has a human mission: to foster social connection while giving users the freedom to choose who they travel with. BlaBlaCar's founders have been committed to including more women in tech since day one.

With its comprehensive Women in Tech action plan—which includes a special sourcing strategy for female talents, as well as unconscious bias trainings and fostering ties with various communities—this company is truly on the right path!

Learn more and/or join the Blablacar team by clicking here!

🌟 Doctolib

44.7% of women in the workplace

Doctolibs diversity actions are exemplary. To say that they have covered their bases is an understatement as they have gone far beyond expectations, and still going. Amongst their three entrepreneurial missions, one focus area is ensuring that the team of entrepreneurs they have built, shares humanist values. This is echoed in the value they place on Doctolibers, ensuring that their professional and personal needs are fulfilled. Through their diversity actions, it is evident that Doctolib embodies their Playbook "SCALES". Furthermore, they have created various internal organizations e.g. Women in Tech and Diversity & Inclusion in Tech, to support underrepresented groups and raise awareness to topics intersecting diversity and inclusion. This is a truly safe workplace for women that embodies what they offer.

Learn more and/or join the Doctolib team by clicking here!

🌟 Malt

50inTech Gender Score: 78

Malt has already achieved a great deal in terms of inclusion and diversity. They can boast of a rare 50% representation of women managers in their teams, and they have put in place many internal policies to facilitate gender equity, starting with their unbiased recruitment process. They also have a transparent policy towards wages with a very clear career path to avoid any favoritism or unequal treatment. One subject they have to work on, though, is the number of women in their software engineering teams. This is where 50inTech comes in to help! Their goal is to have at least 20% of women represented in their software engineering and tech teams. The reasoning is very simple: 40% of Malt's freelance community is composed of women, so their product has to be adapted to both genders. The only way to make it possible is by hiring women! They see diversity and inclusion as a journey that fits perfectly with their business ambitions. We respect that Malt understands the importance of people that make up their company, making sure that everyone develops and becomes the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally.

Learn more and/or join the Malt team by clicking here!

🌟 Mirakl

45% of women in top management positions.

As the pioneering and most advanced enterprise marketplace SaaS platform, Mirakl has grown significantly since its establishment in 2012. With 600 of the best talents based in 14 different locations across the globe, Mirakl embraces and values the range of perspectives and expertise that diversity brings. We love their entrepreneurial ethos, and that they strive for excellence whilst cultivating a company culture that reflects empathy and care. This is undoubtedly a safe place to feel supported in reaching your career progression goals, and balancing this with your personal life.

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🌟 OpenClassrooms

50inTech Gender Score: 78

OpenClassrooms is a mission company with a vision to make education accessible for everyone and everywhere structured around 4 values: “Dare, Care, Persist and Tell it as it is”. Prioritizing work-life balance, supporting parents and ensuring diverse interview panels are some of the actions that OpenClassroom takes to make their workplace inclusive.

With a remote-first policy, flexible timetables, unlimited days off, and a learning team, this is a great company for you to join.

Learn more and/or join the OpenClassrooms team by clicking here!

🌟 Ornikar

50inTech Gender Score: 65

Ornikar’s mission is to make driving a positive and safe experience for everyone. Launched in 2013 to revolutionize, modernize and simplify the driving license industry, the company is now on the track to fast growth. Ornikar is stepping up its efforts in the deployment of their Diversity and Inclusion programme: it all starts with recruitment: training interviewers to avoid unconscious biases, improving every step of the process... they want to take things to the next level by forging partnerships with diverse communities and adding diversity actions to their objectives.

Learn more and/or join the Ornikar team by clicking here!

🌟 Payfit

50inTech Gender Score: 65

PayFit provides a simplified and revolutionary solution to your payroll and HR processes. By allowing you to automate the steps to manage your payroll through a unique user experience, directly from your browser, PayFit makes what would otherwise be a complex process feasible without requiring accounting expertise. With several policies in place e.g. “Work from Anywhere”, PayFit demonstrates its commitment to creating a safe and inclusive workplace for its 47% women workforce. By prioritizing data tracking, they measure performance, improve their results and support employees' fairness.

Learn more and/or join the Payfit team by clicking here!

🌟 Pennylane

41.7% women in the workforce.

Pennylane is a financial software that helps entrepreneurs and accountants to speak the same language. We love that this is an all-in-one platform where entrepreneurs and CEO’s of SME’s can pilot all of their financial management and accounting activities. To support career progression, Pennylane puts trust and open mindedness at the heart of their management style. They value employees taking on new challenges and responsibilities, further supporting them by providing a dedicated management training programme focussed on helping managers identify their strengths and personal communication style. With 36% of women in managerial roles and ambitions to boost their diversity, equity & inclusion efforts in the next year, it is clear that Pennylane is doing many things right.

Learn more and/or join the Pennylane team by clicking here!

🌟 Platform.sh

25% of women in leadership roles with a goal of 52% women employees by 2025 to reflect the population ratio.

Platform.sh doesn’t prioritize diversity and inclusion to simply look good or reach a certain female/male employee target ratio. From day one, its policies have been about giving people power. Platform.sh takes the wellbeing of its employees highly seriously—from full remote and flexible work schedules to allow parents to log off and spend time with their kids, to generous stipends for self-education and fitness.

Talented, multicultural polyglots from all over the world make up Platform’s DNA. And, as the company currently enters a new phase of growth, they’ve made it a top priority to ensure the work environment for new hires is as inclusive as possible. To achieve that, a 5-year plan and special budget for Diversity & Inclusion have been set in place.

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🌟 Singulart

50inTech Gender Score: 65

It's hard not to be impressed by Singulart's approach to diversity. Co-founded in 2017 by a male-female duo with feminist convictions, the company boasts some impressive diversity figures: a near 50-50 gender balance for their board of directors, and 64% of women in managerial roles. Singulart has mandatory trainings for hiring managers to increase awareness of recruitment bias. And, in 2019, CEO Vera Kempf instated a strict grid for pay and promotions, ensuring parity across all levels of the company. Beyond diversity, Singulart also just seems like a fun place to work. They interview candidates in English, helping to support an open-minded and highly international team culture. The company plans to become a global leader in the digital art market, and there is no doubt in our mind that it has all the ingredients to succeed!

Learn more and/or join the Singulart by clicking here!

🌟 Swile

50inTech Gender Score: 72

First of all, we love the uplifting origin of the company name, Swile, which is short for "smile at work" — they replaced the “m” from smile which the “w” for work. Swile offers a unique smartcard for happier benefits and happier employees. Its mission is to use technology to bring teams together. As of 2021, just three years since it was founded, Swile has made significant progress on the road to diversity & inclusion, with 33% of females in leadership and managerial roles. We also love seeing that the company is prioritising partnerships with communities like AdaTech and Fireside to grow the diversity of their talent pipeline. These efforts notwithstanding, with just 5% of women in tech roles, there is still a long way to go for Swile. But the most important ingredient is already present: Swile has created a company culture where D&I has been a top priority since day one.

Learn more and/or join the Swile team by clicking here!

🌟 Vestiaire collective

52% women in managerial roles

Vestiaire Collective is a business built around bringing greater sustainability to an industry whose strength lies in its diversity of styles, tastes, and looks. With 7 women members of the Board and women as 60% of its employees, Vestiaire Collective is focused on increasing the number of women working in its data and tech teams, as well as strengthening the diversity of its workforce as it expands to new countries. From ensuring equal pay for equal experience, to hiring a Chief Sustainability & Inclusion Officer, they are taking actions that match their rhetoric to ensure that their company is a welcoming, accessible place to build a career.

Learn more and/or join the Vestiare Collective team by clicking here!

🌟 Yousign

50inTech Gender Score: 69

Many of Yousign’s actions have been focused on structuring, inclusive recruitment processes and fostering a safe workplace -  there has been great transformation in the last year. Their intention is to work on improving their gender diversity, engage in DE&I related projects and become more visible to women in Tech through 50inTech. We love that they have already made great strides to support pay equity and work-life balance through their transparent salary and remote-work policies!

Learn more and/or join the Yousign team by clicking here!

🌟 Zenly

0% gender compensation gap

Diversity is inherent to Zenly. Building with a diverse team is the only way to build a product that truly serves a diverse audience of millions of people around the world. In short: Zenly needs to be as diverse as its own users. As a team, Zenly is more focused on doing the right thing for their employees, rather than just communicating about it. They are detail-oriented: making incremental improvements at every level of the organisation is what leads to the bigger achievements. Diversity also means having different perspectives and mindsets within the team, to create a dynamic environment, fostering innovation and creativity, which ultimately enables them to build a product that people want to use.

Learn more and/or join the Zenly team by clicking here!

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