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Even though it wasn’t planned or expected, allow yourself to take a bit of time to lay out what you need now, what you really want in the future and how you can get it. 

1. What do I need to do now?

  1. Reminder of your strengths: reach out to your support network.
  2. To save/collect/create a list any work or projects you have built at your company for your portfolio.

2. What do I want in the future?

Begin to ask yourself some questions about what you want in your next company that maybe was missing at your past company, some questions can include:

  • What type of work environment do I thrive in?
  • What policies or benefits would I like in my next company?
  • What type of work structure would I like?
  • What direction would I like my career to go in? Remember you can always completely switch career fields or specialities like going into Cyber or DevOps.

PSST we did some of the work for you at 50inTech by evaluating and only selecting the most inclusive workplaces dedicated to 4 key criteria: Work-life balance, Equal Pay, Fair Career Path and DE&I actions.‍

3. How can I feel prepared to apply for jobs again?  

  1. Create a list of your strengths (and weaknesses) and key competencies for a confidence booster.
  2. Ask your previous company for referrals or reference letters.
  3. Read some resources, get inspired by others.

💥 We want you to say bye bye to imposter syndrome & remember, “You're Not Lucky, You're Talented.”

Now that you have done your preparation, the job hunt is on - let's move onto part two!


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1. Dust off & shine up your resume and story

  1. It's time to update your resume! Add in your new experiences and competencies.
  2. Revise how to tell your story.

💫 Check out our top 5 tips for you on how to help you land that first interview

2. Make yourself visible and open-to work

  1. Update all your online platforms to say that you are open to work (including your 50inTech profile).
  2. Consider making a post announcing that you are searching for a job & tag relevant people in your network to give you more visibility! Remember to use your storytelling skills from the resources above.
  3. Have you thought about writing some content & building your brand? Begin to create content about your new skills and core competencies and share to the public!

3. Get ready to negotiate for what you deserve 

Now that you have your interview, it's time for you to prepare to negotiate for what you need, want and deserve. Luckily we have done two events on negotiation so here is our top list of resources: 

Now go and get that job of your dreams! 

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💙 You got this! 


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